CBSE Maths

CBSE(Central Board of Secondary Education)  is the board which gives affiliation to most of the school in India and in gulf countries (KSA, KUWAIT,UAE,OMAN,Bahrain).


Cbse Board has a motive to provide the best education to our students to make them stable enough to compete with any educational board or university around the globe. Most of CBSE school in India as well in Gulf countries follow the NCERT curriculum (National Council Of Educational Research And Training).

The grades/ class to which we provide Online Maths learning:

Online Maths help for CBSE Grade 6th: In grade 6th CBSE Maths main topics are as follows: Decimals, Fractions, integers, Algebra, Geometry, Data handling, Ration and proportions.

All these topics of grade 6th are actually the backbone of Mathematics.  If one can learn all operations of Algebra given in grade 6th then he would never struggle in his coming classes in that particular topic in throughout his school studies.

In my opinion 6th grade Cbse Maths is something which really decides how a student will do in his next classes in Mathematics. We are proud to take this responsibility to enhance your child in Maths right from 6th grade.

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Online Maths help for CBSE Grade 7th :  In Grade 7th CBSE Maths Main Topics are as follows:  Integers, Fractions and Decimals, Simple equations, Line and Angles, Triangles, Comparing Quantities, Rational Numbers, Geometry, plotting the graph.

In My opinion the motive of 7th Grade CBSE Maths curriculum is to impart the basics knowledge of topics like Geometry, Plotting the graphs, Deals with various Geometrical figures to work out their ARES AND perimeters.

Geometry which is a huge Topic in 8th, 9th and 10th Grade .In 7th grade itself our students get trained to comprehend the geometrical figures and to collect the require information from the given figure which will be helpful for us to solve the questions.

Our Motive is always to make our 7th grade Cbse Maths student to realize how much important it is for them to read and understand the given information in the questions and collect the required information and neglect the unnecessary information given in the questions. 

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Online Maths tuition for CBSE grade 8th: CBSE Board has designed its 8th grade Maths curriculum with an aim to revise everything what a student has learn in both 6th and 7th grade with much harder and standard type of Maths sums in order to prepare the students for coming Board exams.

The Main Topics in CBSE 8TH GRADE Maths are as follows:

Symmetry, Algebra, Geometry, Exponents and Powers, Practical Geometry, Triangle and its properties, Congruence of the triangles.

All these topics in 8th Grade Cbse Maths book are going to prepare you for the coming classes(9th grade and 10th grade) . We will leave no stone unturned at our part to prepare our students to become the topper in his class and get a beforehand preparations for 9th and 10th grade. Since the difficulty leave is higher in 8th grade Maths in comparison to that of 6th and 7th  so we will ensure our student will revise everything in a particular chapter what he learn in 6th and 7th so that he can find himself prepare for the difficult sums.

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CBSE Maths tuition for 9th: The Chapters in CBSE Curriculum are as follows: 

Number System, Polynomials, Coordinate Geometry, Linear equations in two variables, Lines and Angles, Triangles, Quadrilaterals, Circles, Heron’s formula, Surface area and volume and much more.

In the school Most of the students find 9th grade Maths very difficult and challenging. Most of the students complained that in the 9th grade Moths syllabus is too lengthy and they find it very hard to score good Marks in Maths in 9th grade.

We work hard with our students to remove Math’s fear which they have in their minds by giving some Real life examples  in order to make them understand Maths very easily and comfortably.

In 9th grade Cbse Maths there is a huge portion of Geometry which most of students find bit difficult we  will help them to first draw a figure and then reading the figure careful once done so  then it becomes really easy for them to understand the topic without any difficulty .

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CBSE Maths tuition for 10th Grade: In CBSE board the syllabus in 10th grade Maths require to have real understanding of all the chapters in order to get A2 in Maths exam.

I have seen  many students that they can do all the questions in Mathematics if questions are given to them from a one chapter, but when the same students are given jumbled question( questions by mixing from various chapter) then then start to struggle to solve the questions.

The best way for a student to prepare well for 10th grade Maths paper is that he should solve lot of past years papers and sample papers in order to make his mind trained to solve jumbled questions without any difficulty.

We do exactly the same, once we finish solving all the chapters of the textbook we will start with the sample papers and past year papers to ensure our student is prepared well for the board exams.

We conduct the weekly test with the same standard and difficulty level as given in real board exams and then student as well as parent can see where student stands today.

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Online Maths tuition for CBSE 11TH grade: CBSE board has set such a syllabus for 11th grade Maths which require a genuine attention from the student. There are various chapters like Sets, relation and function, Trigonometry, Limits and derivate, complex numbers….

All these chapters require  in-depth knowledge of Mathematics and requires serious efforts from the student to understand them and finally to get A2in maths exam.

We always work with 11th grade students keeping an eye on the board exam which student is going to appear in next year and the competitive exams like IIT, NDA and many more.

Once we complete a particular chapter the next day itself we conduct a test for the student to see how much he has grasped in the chapter and keep parent updated with the same.

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Online Maths tuition for 12th grade CBSE: Once again for the final time you have to give board exams and these board exams will decide your career. As 12th grade marks along with competitive exams marks decide which college or university you can join for your graduation. Most of your career depends on from which college or university did you do your graduation.

We trained our students for 12th grade Maths with a unique approach which will help them to solve the sums in no time, since in 12th grade Maths many questions are very lengthy and take lot of time in order to reach the result, we precisely work on the same to ensure that student will be able to solve his entire Maths paper well before the time so that he can utilize the remaining time to cross check his work.

12th grade Maths preparation requires lot of practice and we are always there to make sure that our student has done his revision very well for that we use lot of sample papers and past years Maths papers.

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