Cambridge Maths

Cambridge International Mathematics:

Cambridge has divided its Mathematics syllabus as follows:

Cambridge Primary Mathematics: Students of age group 5 years – 11 years attend Cambridge Primary education. Cambridge primary Mathematics syllabus is been design to give very basics knowledge about Mathematics. The basics information like how to add, how we subtract, how we multiply and divide the numbers.

Services we provide  for Cambridge Primary Mathematics students:

One to online live Mathematics tutoring.

Home work help given by school teacher in Mathematics.

The facility to record our entire session to revise what was been taught during the session.

Updates parent with the progress of their child on the regular bases.

Best Maths content available for Cambridge primary Mathematics to ensure the best Preparation in the subject.

We are the best solution to the difficulty of working parent who find it difficult to get good Mathematics teacher who can give best  knowledge in Cambridge primary Mathematics to their child.

Chance to learn Cambridge primary mathematics right at your home on your laptop.

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Cambridge Secondary Mathematics Tuition: There are two branches in Cambridge secondary Mathematics Named as secondary 1 and secondary 2.

Online help for Secondary 1 cambridge  Mathematics  : Students of the age group 11 to 14 years attend secondary1 education. 

Main Topics in Cambridge secondary 1 Mathematics are as follows:

Numbers, Integers, powers and root, Place value,  ordering the numbers in ascending or in descending order, Ratio and Proportions, percentage, Fractions and Many More.

Topics in Algebra: Functions and their graphs, Sequences and series, linear equations and algebraic polynomials.

Topics in Geometry: shapes their area and perimeters, position and movement , Drawing diagrams of various figures .

These three major branches given in secondary 1 Mathematics are bit difficult for a student because he is going to learn almost all of these topics for the very first time in his life. We have designed such a learning program for secondary 1 Mathematics that we will explain the Mathematics question by giving some real life examples so that student can make a coordination with the given example and his Mathematics sum and the moment he succeed doing that he will take any time to solve his question.

We trained our students to draw geometrical figures on their own if a student is aware that how this figure took a complete shape then he has already done more than half of the question.

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Online tuition for Cambridge secondary 2

Mathematics : The topics to learn in Mathematics in secondary 2 Mathematics are as follows:


  • Algebra and graphs
  • Geometry
  • Mensuration
  • Co-ordinate geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Matrices and transformations
  • Probability
  • Statistics

Student will be learning many topics for the first time so requires a knowledge why these topics are important for him to study, how and where in his life he will get the chance to use the knowledge of all these chapters. And we do exactly that we will first give a brief idea that what a particular topic is all about and how and when he can use that topic in his real life. And if one could explain all this to a student in a good way then student will be eager to learn that chapter.

We will discuss the entire textbook which you use in your school for secondary 2 Maths Once we will complete your Mathematics textbook we will discuss many past year papers of secondary Mathematics 2 with you to provide the complete preparation for your upcoming Mathematics exam.

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Online Mathematics tuition for Cambridge Advance Level Mathematics: 

Do to well in Cambridge Advance level Mathematics following things are very important

  1. Great understanding of the chapters, to get the great understanding of the chapters we will help you to solve your Mathematics book right from the first page till last, if we will be able to do that successfully then rest assured you have sound knowledge of the  subject .
  2. The second important area in which we need to work hard is to calculate fast and accurate. With the help of various Vedic Mathematics methods we will ensure that your calculation speed will be faster and accurate . We will also conduct time based test with you in order to judge will you be able to complete you mathematics paper well before the time. Times based test gives  good result in exam.
  3. Solve the past year papers and sample papers:  It’s a proven fact that if after completing textbook a student revise past years mathematics paper his marks will increase at least by 20%, because while he solve the real past years papers he get an opportunity to enhance his working speed according to the time given in the exam and at the same time you would be aware with the difficulty level of the exam. We will help you to solve at least last 10 years paper to better preparation of your exam.
  4. Presenting your work right way: I have seen many students who can tell you the entire solution of a sum orally but when you ask them to solve the same sum by writing then they really struggle, or if somehow they managed to solve then the teacher who check their working finds it difficult to comprehend their solution. We always trained our students to write the solution such a way so that teacher who will check their work can understand their working without any difficulty and it works very well.

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