Online Hindi tuition for CBSE/NCERT/ICSE students: 

 Areas we will work on to make you great in Hindi:

         1. Vocabulary

         2. Speaking

         3. Writing

         4. Grammar

         5. Fine tune the accent

We will give you the freedom to record the entire Hindi session which you learn with our online Hindi tutor and you can save it in your computer so that you can revise the entire session wherever you want.

etuition4u.com provides Online Hindi tuition for CBSE/NCERT/ICSE and all other major boards from grade 3rd to grade 12th.

We have seen most of the students know the answer of the question been asked in the Hindi exam, but since Hindi is not these mother tongue and  neither they speak in Hindi at the Home nor they think in the that’s why  they find it difficult to write the answer of the question in Hindi. The solution to this very problem requires us to work in four major area Vocabulary, Grammar, Writing and speaking part.

We start with the vocabulary then slowly move to frame the small sentences then will go on writing part, and within a short span of time you will find a big difference in the confidence level of your child when he will communicate in Hindi with you.

To learn any new language one requires an atmosphere to express himself in a language which is not his mother tongue, and at the same time learner requires someone who can correct him at the time when he is making mistakes and we will do exactly the same.

Hindi has usually been blamed to bring down the otherwise good aggregate score. If you too do not seem to understand why one particular matra goes to the right rather than left, you are not alone. Our online Hindi tutors will help you to sort out all problems. We assure you that you'll see the difference from DAY 1.

Our online Hindi tuition program is designed for school going students. It will help you to have better understanding of Hindi (doesn't make the difference whether Hindi is your mother tongue or not). So it will help you to get better marks in Hindi exam.

In online Hindi tuition, we will cover your entire text book from 1st page to last page so once you will be able to do so; no one can stop you to be topper of your class in your Hindi exam. Some of the areas where we provide help are

  • Literature
  • Poetry
  • Pronunciation
  • Writing errors
  • Grammar
  • Sangya (Noun)
  • Sarvnam (Pronoun)
  • Visheshan (Adjectives)
  • Apathit Anuched (Comprehension)
  • Samucchya Bodhak (Conjunctions)
  • Muhavare aur Lokokti (Idioms and Proverbs)
  • Letter Writing
  • Essay Writing
  • And much more...

​Spoken Hindi: -

  • Want the correct pronunciation of Hindi?
  • Want to acquire public speaking Hindi?
  • Want better fluency in Hindi?
  • How to ask very simple questions in Hindi?
  • Want your child to speak in Hindi?

Is your answer to any of these questions YES?

Then you are at the right place. We provide live tutoring of Hindi. In our spoken Hindi program, we will make you perfect in spoken Hindi. It hardly makes any difference whether Hindi is your mother tongue or not.

If you are planning to visit India or want to start a business in India and worried that how will you order a cup of tea or how will you interact with your employee in India, then our expert online Hindi tutor will help you. In online Hindi tuition, you will learn how to speak Hindi fluently and correctly.

Our online Hindi tutor will teach you how to gain confidence while speaking Hindi.

If you are an NRI parent and want to see your child speaking in Hindi with you, then our online Hindi tuition can make your dream come true. We will teach you/your child how to understand Hindi, how to write in Hindi and of course how to speak in Hindi.

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