How It Works

Online Maths learning is kind of a technology which enables you to learn Maths online right on your computer screen. This online Maths learning program is been designed by combing the best technology with best brain available to Maths in world in order to ensure the best Mathematics learning for your child. All Mathematics teacher in our Panel are highly qualified and have huge experience of working with best schools in India.

The way it functions is extremely easy and student friendly. A student needs to have laptop/desktop with internet connection at his home. Since it will be live online Maths help so student and our teacher will speak with each other through skype which is a software which enable real time communication between two person whatever country the two speakers live. The voice quality which it exchanges will be as good as two speakers are just few inches apart.

Once we succeed with the speaking part the next important part involved in the online Maths learning program is the how to write in order to solve our questions because Maths could not to solved without writing . As in the school solving the Maths sums requires a notebook and pen to solve the questions to replace notebook we use a  whiteboard for the writing purpose this whiteboard is what we call an online classroom in this virtual classroom both the students and teacher can write and solve Mathematical sums, which would  be visible at both the end without consuming a fraction of second. So whatever teacher wants to write in order to solve a maths sum student can see him/her writing at the same moment. It’s true vice versa.

The next important part in learning Maths online will be how we will use the content to solve the questions. To make that very easy for our students we will share the entire chapter of student’s text book in our virtual class room which can be seen at the both end ( at the computer screen of student as well as at the computer screen of the teacher)  they can read Math sum and start to solve.

Now student and teacher can speak to each other live through the skype( A VOIP software which allows you to speak to anyone in the world  no matter how far are you from each other). teacher as well as  student can see the textbook which student is having in his school, at the same time they both can see the chapter of student’s textbook which  student wants to learn and more precisely now they can see the exact question which  student wants to get solved . teacherand student bth are all set to start writing in order to solve the question. Teacher will take the driver seat now and will start solving the question which student wants to learn with the writing tool(pen) available in  virtual class room, student  will see the progress of getting question solve and can ask any cross question from his teacher if there is anything difficult to understand.

Whatever has been discussed between  student and online Maths teacher within their one hour long Maths tuition class that all could be recorded and saved in the computer of student. If  student wants to revise the entire session then he can play back the session recording as well as if parent want to see what was been taught in today’s session they can have the look on the  recorded session. Recorded sessions play an important role for exam preparation as student can revise all the recording of his online Maths learning which is already saved in his computer.

A very special thanks to the internet and all credit goes to the technology which has made online live tutoring possible. All the tutoring sessions are conducted online. 

What is needed? 

All you need is to do to attend the online live tutoring session is to get a computer/laptop and an internet connection, if you have that all available with you at home then host to  register on our website for a free demo session, and see how our online Maths tutor is going to make  Math as easy as ABC… for you. So, soon as you will register back on our website we will contact you to fix a demo session of Maths with you at your convient time so that you can see the beauty of our learning Math online program.

What we do? 

We make use of latest technology having a virtual whiteboard with all the required tools (which come in really handy during the session) and VOIP which makes it a real time online live tutoring session. These Maths learning session are designed to provide one –to-one online Math help from best online Indian Maths tutor to ensure you can get and utilize the all knowledge and experience for our teacher without any disturbance to other students..

What to do? 

It's no rocket science! You only need to Register yourself for demo session, we'll take care of everything else. We'll schedule a convenient time for you with the etutor. Then, the etutor will bring you in our virtual classroom so that you can have the online live tutoring session. Our teacher will diagnose your weak areas in Mathematics during the demo session online and then will left no stone unturned to ensure to lay a very roch solid foundation in your weak zone and strengthen them to make you the next topper in Math exam in the upcoming exam in your school.

Does it really work? 

Yes, it does and not only works but going to show you a path to become the topper in your school in Maths exam. But in case you are still scratching your head, rest assured. To make you understand the entire procedure, without you having to lose a single penny, we provide a FREE trial class. This way you'll get a fair idea about the whole concept. You can discuss all your doubts with our highly qualified and expert etutor then and there.

Shed all your inhibitions and come be a part of and see the difference!!!