Why ETuition

Online tuition vs regular tuition 

 There are many of these questions the mind of parent while they select a Maths tutor for their kid:

  • How will we know whether our child is making progress in Maths or not?

Being a parent the main difficulty we face is we are never updated with the maths learning progress of our child when we send him to the maths learning centre, but the beauty of our Maths learning program is that we always conduct a weekly test and email the result to the parent in order to make them updated with child’s progress.

  • Does it require a lot of technological expertise to attend online Maths tuition?

No, it does not. All a student needs to know very basic knowledge of computer like how to use key board and mouse nothing much. A ten years old child can attend online Math help program without any difficulty!

  • How will we use our text book in online Maths help program?

We have all the content which you study in your school with us. So you need not to worry about the content at all. We will not online make you sound in your text book but will discuss many years past papers, sample papers been conducted by your school and will leave no stone unturned to ensure you will do really great in Maths exam.

  • Why is it better than face to face Maths help?

In face to face learning or in maths group tuition most of the tuition centers keep lots of students in a class. let’s say if there are 30 students in 1 hour tutoring a student  would hardly get 2 minutes time to ask his doubts .Moreover in group Maths learning program a student will always be forced to learn according to the learning speed of other students, since a teacher can’t teach with the learning speed of 30 students in 1 hour. On the other hand if we take online Maths help then our teacher will provide you one-to-one tuition so he/she will always make sure that his teaching style and speed coordinates with student maths learning speed.

  • How can I be assured that my child is getting best online Maths help?

Well all the teachers in the etuition4u.com are not only highly qualified but they have the experience of working with best Indian schools for long period of time. I feel that if a teacher is having both good education and experience then we can do wonder.

  • What do I require to get best online Math help?

All you require to get the best Maths help for your child is eagerness to learn, if it comes to the technological requirement you need to have a laptop/desktop with internet connection with you at the home and from that point we will be there to ensure you will get the best Math help for your child.

Any inquisitive soul will stop to ponder at the thought that we have been learning the usual way for ages. Then why has a need to apply a novel way of learning emerged? Here are the reasons

  • Personalized Attention: In etuition4u.com, the etutor is paying all his attention to one single student whereas in the regular classroom teaching, the teacher has many students to take care of.


  • Parental Control: In etuition, the child is right in front of his parents. Parents are aware of their kid's performance on a regular basis and are in constant touch with the etutor.


  • Pace: An etutor can change his/her speed or pace according to the need of the student in case of etuition. But in regular classroom teaching, the teacher has to work according to the requirements of many students at one time.


  • No Geographical Constraints: Until now, you had to be content with the tutoring services provided in the proximity of your home, but you can get quality etuition even though the etutor is situated miles apart.


  • Flexible timings: The student can schedule a convenient time for his session with the etutor that can be even at odd hours ( maybe late night or early morning) as per your requirement. That’s the basic concept of etuition!


  • Secure: This novel way of learning i.e. etuition is much safer and secure than the usual way of studying as there is no need to move anywhere and there is no risk involved in it.


  • Affordable: Everyone can afford to have etuition, but on the other hand, everybody can't afford afford high charges of regular classroom teaching.


  • Friendly atmosphere: Another advantage of etuition is that the student gets a very friendly and amiable atmosphere because he'll talk to the same etutor everyday so he can know him better.

So, no more running here and there! Welcome to the world of etuition! Don't wait! Experience the whole new mode of learning and  Register yourself for a FREE  trial class.