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  • 2015-09-12

    Etuition4u.com always dreams that its student will excel in their life and do great in whatever field they work in . we are motivated enough to work hard to make this dream come true. To make this dream come true we work day and night with our student to make him realize how important role he can play to make this world a better place to live. I totally believe that one who is student today will be leader, doctor, engineer, Scientist, lawyer tomorrow .Being their trainer our responsibility is to motivate them to do best in whatever field they work in to make human’s life easier and enjoyable. My promise to parent is that we are going to succeed in that.

  • 2015-09-12

    etuition4u.com welcomes whole heartily to all the students who feel they are weak in studies. We are here to make learning fun for you. We have been helping students all over the world from last 6 years to gain great knowledge in Maths .Our services can help you to complete your school home work. We will help you to prepare so well in the subject that you will surely be the topper in your school in the upcoming exam. Etuition4u.com works hard to make parent dream come true , we promise now parent can see their child doing wonders in his studies. We ensure their child will not only get good Marks in the exam but will also gain the true knowledge of the subject.

Welcome to etuition4u.com 

Welcome to the world of etuition4u.com which provides a best way of learning Maths online. Leave all those bulky books aside and have fun while learning with our expert online tutors.

etuition4u.com provides you-

1. Expert Guidance from highly qualified online Maths tutors.

2. One to one personalized online Math tutoring.

3. Straight to the comfort of your home.

4. Affordable prices.

5. Suitable timings.

6. Available 24×7 X 365.

7. Easy to monitor progress of the child for busy parents.

8. Help you to complete your home work given by school teacher.

9. Student can record the entire session to revise.

10. Virtual approach of learning removes fear any kind of mishappening that may arrise outside your home.

We will not only help you to solve your entire Maths textbook but also provide you extra questions to enhance your ability over the subject.

Calculation speed in Math play a vital role to decide how good a student is in Maths. We train our students to calculate long Mathematical equations in their mind using best calculation techniques called Vedic Maths, Which strengthen you stand apart.

Our Free 30 min demo with latest technology would be eye opener to reveal the art of learning Maths.

Combination of best technology with great MATHEMATICAL Brian would ensure best result in your report card.

We create such an environment that uplifts you to a level where you find yourself ahead of your classmates.

Who may use the service of etuition4u.com?

etutuion4u.com provides services to any school going student starting from grade 5th -12th . We provide online Maths help for various boards to name few are CBSE, ICSE , IGCSE, O LEVEL, AS LEVEL, A LEVEL, A2 LEVEL.

Our online Hindi tutoring could be utilized to brush-up speaking, to enhance the writing Hindi, to correct the accent and to strengthen the Grammar in Hindi. Finally to communicate in our national mother tongue.

Advantages of online Maths learning are as follows:

Now a day’s students are really busy because they go school very early in the morning and return back late afternoon, by that time the student gets tired and exhausted. After returning from the school it’s  hard for a student to go out again to attend tuition class. etuition4u.com provides the best solution for the students who want to learn Maths from the best online Maths tutor  without going out and without facing the burning sun again. He can just start his laptop right at his home to get the best online Maths tuition right on his computer chair from the comfort of his house.

Parent can track the progress of their child,since the class will go on right on your laptop so if you want to check how your child is doing and how well he is learning Maths with his online Maths tutor you may speak to  our tutor any time when you want.

In online Math learning you may save the entire session in your laptop. if during the class you could not understand a particular thing or if you want to revise the entire session you can play back the entire session whenever needed.

You need not to worry about the timings as we provide Maths help 24x7X365.

We also conduct weekly test which enable us to keep an eye on the progress of the student and to update the parents with the same.

Hurry up! and register yourself for a free demo session with our expert online teacher.



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  • I am 45 years old working man could not go to college because of  financial conditions did allow me to do so, but it was always in the back of my mind to complete my graduations in Math. Finally I got a great Indian Math tutor to trained me perfectly to get back to the track and to get the admission in college, I am Proud to say I am in the second year of the college and  still enjoying the learning of Math with etuition4u.

    Mike Thomsan( Florida )
  • I joined etuition4u.com for online Maths help for my C1& C2 exam, before I joined  them I was so badly prepared for by exams that I was unable to solve even a single question from the past year papers, but the things changed and fortunately they changed for the best with the great help and guidance provided by my online tutor resulted me to secure an A+ in both the papers. I am really thankful for the great service I got from etuition4u.com

    Tom Woodroof( United Kingdom)
  • We are NRI based in US, Being Indian our parent always wanted us to speak in Hindi, but Hindi was  so difficult for us even to speak a single word correctly. But from the day we joined online Hindi tuition with etuition4u.com we found a lot of changes in our speaking, writing and grammatical Hindi. We can speak with are parent now in Hindi very confidently. Thank you for the great effort by team of etuition…

    Sneha and Kannak( New York USA)
  • I have seen a wonderful quality in the Maths teachers associated with etuition4u.com, They make you feel that Maths is very easy subject to learn if it could be explained to you with a right and easy approach, Their this style of working really works for me, now I don’t fear from Maths anymore.

    Vishwangi Raj( DPS Sharjah)
  • I have been taking Maths tuition with etuition4u.com from last 3 years. I joined while I was in 7th grade that was the time when I used to hate Maths . I never got more than 45% marks in Maths before I joined online tuition, but now my report card has changed entirely, I got 97 marks in Maths in 10th board exam.

    Adeeb Ibrahim(IISD ksa)

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